PREMO presents high current output chokes with planar technology

PREMO has launched a new version of its HPC series, a high power choke with planar technology for DC/DC converters applications for electric traction and high density power electronics, especially recommended in hybrid and electric vehicles. The HPC series offers performance (better than 95%) at 100 to 150 kHz frequencies respectively, being able to extend the operating range up to 250kHz.

Materials used in the new development are H thermal class, which allow operating temperatures up to 180°C. The flat wire coil technology used allows using components that can drive high power density and high currents (up to 200A) in a low-profile component (max. height 27, 5 mm), therefore minimising losses and offering very low series resistance.

The HPC series is able to provide both high stability in terms of temperature and a wide operating range, from – 40 to 125°C, making it specially suitable for industrial environments and automotive, since it enables an easy assembly on cooling surfaces through radiators (upon request).

The HPC series is available in a range of inductances of 2 to 5uH and it is possible to customise its outputs. The standard option is threaded inserts metric 4.

This product is fully certified under the strict quality standard for automotive electronic components: AEC-Q200.


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