Rehm unveils enabling technology for 3D and MID

MID is the abbreviation for “Molded Interconnect Device” and its aim is to unite electrical and mechanical functions in a single construction unit. The circuit tracks are integrated into the housing, enabling the reduction of weight and space, and are more eco-friendly than conventional PCBs. While the technology is currently most popular in vehicle electronics and telecommunications, the number of these components available on the market is growing markedly. As a result, MIDs are increasingly being integrated into computers, household appliances and medical devices.

There are several steps in the manufacture of an MID assembly. The ready-made substrate is prepared for assembly,  this is done by either the application of conductive adhesive or solder paste and assembly is then performed by special assembly robots which can handle the parts flexibly.

Selective soldering systems have been commonly employed to create the connections between the assembled components and the substrate. As an alternative, thermoplastic which is resistant to high temperatures is used during the substrate production stage so that it can work at the higher temperatures experienced during reflow soldering.

A precise and highly efficient alternative to this intricate process is the use of vapor phase or condensation soldering. And the CondesoX condensation soldering system introduces numerous technology advantages.

The Condenso allows identical profiles to be transported at different height levels in just a few steps. The reason for this is the exchange of air in the soldering chamber with a homogeneously distributed Galden perfluoropolyether atmosphere using the variable CondensoX vacuum technology. The low boiling point of Galden can be used across the vapor pressure curve while higher quantities of heat are transferred at a lower temperature. Flexible handling systems and product carriers also ensure a smooth process cycle and efficient work flow.


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