Renesas Mobile looks to double operators’ GSM capacity following test of VAMOS II

VAMOS is a new technology designed to significantly increase operators’ voice capacity on existing networks by enabling them to accommodate up to four speech users on a single GSM channel. VAMOS II, the focus of the recent trial, represents a considerable advance over its predecessor. Operators’ available capacity is increased as VAMOS II terminals require less power to maintain voice call quality. In addition, VAMOS II maximises the number of users on each channel as it permits a greater number of combinations of handset types (i.e. VAMOS I, VAMOS II or non-VAMOS) to be used simultaneously.

“VAMOS II delivers tangible benefits to operators and end users,” said Heikki Tenhunen, senior vice president at Renesas Mobile. “Many of those benefits are felt immediately as a result of the resource and spectrum optimisation it delivers, but as the penetration of VAMOS II capable handsets increases, the capacity benefits continue to grow.”

Pu Yingchun, ZTE vice president said “ZTE is highly committed to technology innovation, particularly in areas where we can add value to our customers. We already have VAMOS-capable devices in the market and now we have successfully demonstrated VAMOS II. This will increase network capacity further and allow operators to use available spectrum much more effectively, which will give them great flexibility for future network evolution.”

Renesas Mobile

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