Rutronik’s smartCONSI offers consignment warehouse management via smartphone

Rutronik is now offering its customers the opportunity to manage their consignment warehouses via smartphone. The smartCONSI app enables customers to better manage their consignment warehouses and do so more easily with the aid of a smartphone. Using the smartCONSI app from Rutronik, they can scan the labels of goods which they remove from the warehouse. It is also possible for several smartphones to be used simultaneously.

The app sends the data directly to the Rutronik computer system, which immediately generates the corresponding entries so that the predefined stocks are always automatically available in the warehouse. If no network (WLAN or 2G/3G) is currently available, the entries are buffered. When a network connection is available, they are transferred immediately.

If desired, the customer can receive these accounting records automatically, for example by e-mail or EDI, enabling them to import them into their system for further processing. The label information transferred by smartCONSI also allows for goods to be traced and provides additional information, such as the current inventory of the consignment warehouse.

This significantly reduces the costs of registering incoming goods in the consignment warehouse, their removal and ordering – especially for C parts. The quality of all necessary processes also increases, as incorrect entries are excluded. “We are taking a new approach to warehouse management with smartCONSI. Our aim is to make the procurement process in consignment warehouses as reliable and convenient as possible for our customers,” explains Joachim Kaiser, Managing Director Logistics and Material Management at Rutronik.

The only thing needed to use smartCONSI is a smartphone. The app is based on Apple”s iOS operating system, with an Android version to be launched shortly. The app does not require integration into the customer”s IT infrastructure.


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