Rutronik stocking receiving coil with efficiency greater than 70% from Vishay

With dimensions of 38 mm by 27 mm, the device is 33 % smaller than the standard 48 mm by 32 mm IWAS-4832FF-50 Rx coil.  

For wireless power base stations and receivers, the IWAS-3827EC-50″s high-saturation powdered iron is not affected by permanent locating magnets, and the device blocks charging flux from sensitive components or batteries. As an alternative to Ferrite-based solutions – which can saturate in the presence of a strong magnetic field – the IWAS-3827EC-50 offers a magnetic saturation of 50 % at 4000 gauss. Besides it has an inductance of 10,7 µH at 200 kHz with ± 5%  inductance tolerance as well as 183 m? DCR at +25°C. 10mm of 50mm lead length are tinned.


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