Samsung introduces mid-power LED package with 160 Lumens-per-watt efficacy

Samsung Electronics has begun producing a new lineup of middle power LED packages with the industry”s highest efficacy level, making it suitable for use in a wide variety of LED lighting applications including LED tubes, LED ambient lighting, downlighting, and retrofit lamps.

The new LM561B features 160lm/W light efficacy, which is the highest available among mid-power LED packages worldwide, with electric current rated at 65mA, 5000K CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature), and a rating of over 80 CRI (Colour Rendering Index).

The LM561B achieves a 30 percent increase in efficiency compared to Samsung”s previous mid-power LED (LM561A) package and this results in reduced energy consumption and improved heat management. The improved heat dissipation means that smaller heat sinks can be used, saving on material costs, and also provides customers with the ability to create more compact and flexibly innovative products.

“The LM561B will provide customers with the highest quality of light in the LED package market today, through its high efficacy and variety in colour temperatures,” said Jaap Schlejen, senior vice president, LED lighting sales and marketing of Samsung Electronics.

The Samsung LM561B product lineup offers a wide range of color temperatures. It also comes in three brightness levels and provides quarter binning to allow customers to quickly maximize its use in LED lighting production, free from worries about consistent color quality or brightness.


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