Schroff unveils compact new desktop system

Optimised for laboratory use, this fully wired and tested unit is ideal for engineers who are developing rugged VPX systems for applications in the military, aerospace or transportation sectors.

The new desktop system comprises a 4U-high case for vertical mounting of 3U-format VPX boards, a 5-slot VPX backplane with full mesh topology, IEEE guide rails with ESD clips, power supply, front and rear panels, and two built-in radial fans to ensure effective heat dissipation using front-to-rear airflow.

The 19in. plug-in PSU module delivers an output of 250W while the AC input module at the rear offers an input voltage range of 110 to 250VAC and incorporates an AC line filter, switch and fuse.

Utilising an EMC-shielded version of Schroff”s ratiopacPRO-air desktop case, the system also includes front handles, tip-up feet and perforated air inlet/outlet openings at the front and rear. It has overall dimensions of 177mm high x 44HP wide x 275mm deep and is available from stock.


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