Smart 48V ultracapacitor modules able to maintain performance for longer

These are amongst the first fruits of Easby’s recently-announced distribution agreement with ultracapacitor leaders Nesscap. 

The ultracapacitors offer internal resistance specifications from 13 down to 5.5mOhm for DC supplies and 10.8 to 4.8mOhm for 100Hz AC, enabling them to satisfy higher voltage requirements of many integrated systems.  Dimensions range from 430x200x68.5mm for the 33F module up to 430x200x155mm for the 166F module. They make excellent building blocks for larger systems as modules can simply be connected in series to meet higher voltage requirements.

A proprietary patented Ultracapacitor Management Unit (UMU) is integrated into the modules to provide active cell balancing, voltage and temperature monitoring; designed to ensure the life of the module and promote safe and proper use of the module. The UMU can also work in conjunction with an external management system to reduce the duration of over-charging and to shut down the overall system if modules experience excessive interior temperature or a persistent overcharged state. Diagnosis by logic outputs can be augmented by optional CAN or RS-485 communications interfaces.

Room temperature lifetime is 10 years at rated voltage, and the modules are guaranteed for 1,000,000 cycles between 24 and 48V using constant current charge and discharge at 25°C. 

With a -40 to +65°C operating temperature range alongside dust and water ingress protection to  IP65, SAE J2380 standard resistance to vibration and shock resistance to SAE J2464, their rugged design makes them suitable for automotive, transportation, hybrid mining, construction, train, bus, industrial, UPS and telecoms applications.

Easby Electronics

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