Solid State Supplies makes LED emitter/driver combo available

Solid State Supplies is making available a LED emitter/driver combo that will benefit a range of lighting applications comprising a high luminous efficacy RGBW LED emitter from LED Engin and a complementary four-channel high-brightness LED driver from Microsemi.

LED Engin’s LZC-03MD00 RGBW LED emitter enables ultra-bright coloured lighting output via multiple red, green, blue and white LED dies in a single, compact package. With 40W power capability and an ultra-small 9.0mm x 9.0mm footprint, this package provides extreme luminous flux density. For maximum design versatility and convenience it is available as either the emitter only or pre-made on a copper MCPCB.

The high-quality ceramic package with integrated glass lens optimises light output and minimises thermal stress, with ultra-low thermal resistance down to 0.7°C/W, providing both reliability and lumen maintenance over product lifetime. The robust design is suitable for outdoor applications with high ambient temperatures and high humidity, such as architectural and stage lighting. The LZC-03MD00 is designed for use with LED Engin’s 3T08 family of high efficiency lenses available from 8° to 45°, providing colour uniformity.

Suitable for use with the LED Engin emitters is the LX2273 high-brightness multichannel LED boost driver from Microsemi which combines different emitter configurations, drive currents and output voltages with a high degree of control, protection and fault management of the system. It supports up to four independent LED strings and can be integrated in a system with up to 60V per channel. The drive current of each string can be programmed up to 500mA, with a typical channel-to-channel matching accuracy within +/- 1.5 percent. The FETs of the boost converter and each LED current sink are external to provide flexibility and scalability for various LED configurations as well as to provide optimal thermal management.

The device includes a 0V to 2V analog dimming input to control the LED current. There are also three independent PWM dimming inputs providing either independent control of several white LED strings or colour mixing capability for optimal light temperature control. The LX2273 also provides protection for expensive LED-lighting fixtures while allowing continued operation in case of a fault via its StayLIT fault-management circuitry. Fault conditions can be reported through a digital 2-wire serial bus interface (I2C and SMBus compatible).


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