Solid State Supplies to spotlight motor control at UK-wide seminar series

The seminars are designed to provide electronics engineers with a technical overview of products in the motor control sector, supported by hands-on workshop sessions to introduce the SmartFusion FPGA customisable system-on-chip (cSoC) family and motor control design resources developed by the Microsemi SoC Products Group.

Microsemi is a supplier of mixed-signal FPGAs, which are increasingly being used in motor control applications due to their robustness and customisability. Microcontrollers have typically been used to implement motor controls, with computation algorithms executed by software. Technical experts from Microsemi will explain how SmartFusion has addressed some of the challenges of this implementation, including response time, a fixed number of PWM channels, limited communication interfaces and pre-determined analogue triggering.

Allegro Microsystems supplies advanced mixed-signal analogue power IC semiconductors and sensor ICs. Small form factor electrical current sensor ICs offer galvanically isolated, nearly lossless current measurement in motor control, power supply, robotics and lighting applications. Highly accurate, contactless position sensor ICs are used in precision linear and rotary position control, motor control and commutation, and open or close detection applications. At the seminars, Allegro will outline its broad family of motor and fan driver ICs, which enable smooth, quiet and efficient operation of various types of motors in industrial automation and general motor control applications.

The workshops will take a detailed look at the Microsemi SmartFusion variants designed for: field oriented control for PMSM motors; low voltage BLDC and stepper motors; and miniature brushless DC and stepper motors. There will be a training session on the supporting software tools that enable the development of fully integrated SmartFusion FPGA designs and other Microsemi FPGAs, and a trial of the Microsemi Libero Integrated Design Environment (IDE), a tool that supports the complete hardware design flow from design creation through synthesis, simulation, layout, timing constraint generation, timing and power analysis, device programming and hardware design debug.

The dates and locations of the next three seminars are yet to be confirmed. For more information on all four seminars please contact Solid State Supplies.

Solid State Supplies

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