Temp-Flex introduces MediSpec micro extrusion primary wires

Molex Incorporated subsidiary Temp-Flex has introduced MediSpec micro extrusion primary wires. Designed to meet tight tolerance requirements for invasive and implantable medical applications, these new micro extrusion primary wires are able to deliver enhanced reliability down to 52 AWG in a wide range of biocompatible conductor materials.

“Designers and manufacturers of surgically implanted medical devices require leads made of primary wires that meet stringent design requirements and reliability standards,” explains Peter Evans, general manager, Temp-Flex. “Biocompatible insulated Temp-Flex MediSpec primary wires undergo an innovative extrusion process that results in superior dielectric integrity compared to other technologies.”

Now available in a 52 AWG construction, the primary wires feature a range of gauges (36-52 AWG) and a wide selection of materials to support design customisation. The precision extrusion process used in manufacturing these wires ensures uniform insulation wall thickness and accurate concentricity. Encapsulating the wire within a consistent wall coating, the resulting pin-hole free wire offers superior reliability over similar products with emulsion and dispersion coatings that are susceptible to cracking. The chemically inert insulation is impervious to surgical fluids and ensures biocompatibility in a human body.

Available in insulation wall thicknesses down to 0.008 mm, the wires are designed for neurological, cochlear and other implantable applications, in addition to minimally invasive endoscopes and catheters, and for use in cardio rhythm management devices including pacemakers and defibrillators. MediSpec primary wires are the foundation for MediSpec Micro Miniature Coils.

“Pin-hole free MediSpec primary wires deliver precision electrical functionality and biocompatibility – an ideal solution for customers developing densely packaged surgically implantable leads in a variety of medical applications,” adds Evans.

The MediSpec portfolio supports medical device manufacturers by delivering the latest interconnect technologies for maximum product efficiency, reliability and flexibility.



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