Tensilica joins Wi-Fi Alliance in move to bolster wireless multi-standard modem solutions

Tensilica now plans to integrate Wi-Fi with its multi-standard radio capabilities.  Several of Tensilica”s DPUs are suited for Wi-Fi, including the ConnX D2 and the BBE DSP (digital signal processor) product family.

“We congratulate Tensilica on becoming a member of Wi-Fi Alliance,” said Edgar Figueroa, CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance. “By joining our organisation, Tensilica has demonstrated its commitment to advancing Wi-Fi technology while preserving a great user experience.”

“We”re joining the Wi-Fi Alliance to help support the industry and provide the most power-efficient programmable solution for next-generation Wi-Fi chips,” stated Eric Dewannain, Tensilica”s vice president and business unit manager, baseband business unit. “Our ConnX BBE 32 UE DSP is particularly well suited to provide the optimum balance of low power and high performance.”

The ConnX BBE 32 UE is part of the family of DSPs optimised for wireless communications. Tensilica”s DSPs range from the dual-MAC ConnX D2 to the 64-MAC ConnX BBE64 DSP, and provide a wide range of performance for communication standards including Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, HSPA+, LTE and LTE-Advanced. All the company’s DSPs are fully programmable in C and feature fully compatible top-end software tool sets and design environments in order to simplify software development.

The ConnX BBE32 UE DSP was specifically optimised for achieving the best power/performance/area in handsets for demanding communications standards such as LTE and LTE-Advanced. It has been optimized using 3G and LTE end-to-end reference implementations and validated in a full uplink/downlink platform including the demanding complex domain signal processing algorithms such as LTE channel estimation and MIMO (multiple input, multiple output).


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