TI launches fully integrated ETSI category 1 transceiver for ultra- narrowband applications

The new CC1125 sub-1 GHz RF transceiver is thought to be the industry’s first single-chip solution for wireless social alarms and ultra- narrowband applications, targeting  ETSI EN 300 220 category 1 (ETSI Cat.1) compliance for the European 869 MHz band. To address the standard, one of the world’s strictest RF regulations, the CC1125 delivers a 50 percent reduction in system cost and size over discrete designs enabling smaller and more affordable end products. Additionally, the CC1125 can be used in sub-1 GHz applications worldwide that require exceptional RF range and robustness, such as long-range wireless meter reading.

“The new CC1125 transceiver reaffirms our commitment to offer wireless connectivity for any application from the most cost-sensitive to high-performance applications,” said Erling Simensen, product marketing manager, wireless connectivity, TI. “Overall, we see an increased interest in ultra-narrowband RF ICs like the CC1125 for sub-1 GHz applications that deliver rock-solid wireless connectivity for a variety of applications. With the CC1125 transceiver, manufacturers can now offer ETSI Cat. 1 performance in more affordable and smaller social alarms for Europe’s growing elderly population.”

The CC1125 and the other members of TI’s RF performance line family meet the market’s most stringent RF requirements and provide an industry-leading ability to filter out other RF sources. For developers and consumers, this translates into end products with robust and reliable wireless links that are resistant to disturbances from other wireless systems in a device’s surroundings. In addition to the new CC1125 narrowband transceiver, the sub-1 GHz RF performance line family today consists of the CC1120 and CC1121 transceivers and CC1175 transmitter.

Texas Instruments

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