TRaC adds ZigBee Light Link profile to Tracer test harness

The global testing and compliance consultancy TRaC Global has announced the addition of a new ZigBee technology profile to its unique Tracer test harness tool suite. The Tracer, a complete protocol designed to assist manufacturers in the development of products prior to official certification, now offers pre-certification testing for ZigBee Light Link (ZLL) devices in addition to ZigBee Smart Energy (ZSE) products, the first profile launched earlier this year.

The ZigBee Light Link standard, created by the ZigBee Alliance, is the lighting industry’s only global open standard offering wireless control for some of the world’s most efficient and flexible LED lighting solutions. TRaC is an official ZigBee Alliance Recognised Test House and last month became the first test house validated by the ZigBee Alliance to conduct ZigBee Light Link testing for the ZigBee Certified product program.

TRaC identified that manufacturers couldn’t simply purchase an off-the-shelf test tool which met ZigBee’s standards and in response developed a custom test harness to address this need.

Paul Russell, director at TRaC, commented: “We have played an instrumental part in bringing the ZigBee Light Link standard to market, so it’s great to have developed a test harness which helps manufacturers get their products on the shelves as quickly and easily as possible.”

TRaC’s Tracer is a complete protocol toolkit designed to accelerate rapid product development by emulating devices, verifying functionality and providing an instant pass or fail verdict.

The Tracer ZSE and ZLL variants allow manufacturers to perform pre-testing of their designs at all stages of development providing the highest level of confidence that all test criteria have been met prior to the official certification test.

Russell added: “In these tough economic times repeated testing can be both expensive and time consuming – so bringing a product to market that helps companies iron out technical issues before running official tests is a significant step in the right direction.”

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