Transonics launches 1 Gigabit NAND Flash Memory chip

This new chip is a drop-in replacement for most major manufacturers products. Typical applications include set-top boxes. POS systems, personal computers, PDAs, digital audio players, digital cameras, synthesizers, video games, scientific instrumentation, industrial robotics and medical electronics.

In addition to being non-volatile, flash memory offers fast read access times, as fast as dynamic RAM and its mechanical shock resistance offers advantages over hard disk drives in portable devices, as does its high durability, being able to withstand high pressure and temperature.

According to Daniel French, Managing Director of Transonics, “We are seeing excellent growth in our sales of EON semiconductors and expect the market for NAND flash memory to continue to grow as designer’s migrate from NOR based designs.”

Features of the EON 1GB flash memory chip include supply voltage 2.7V to 3.6V, automatic program and erase, page read operation, command/address/data multiplexed I/O port, hardware data protection, high endurance of >100K program/erase cycles and data retention up to 10 years and a unique ID for copyright protection.


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