TTI offering extended range of Molex connectors targeting transport and auto sectors

After extending its distribution agreement with Molex, TTI, a specialist distributor of passive, discrete, connector and electromechanical components, is now able to offer a whole new range of sealed, unsealed and ruggedised connectors for the transportation and automotive sectors. Newly available unsealed connectors include: the Stac64 modular system, Mini50 single row, DuraClik positive locking, and HSAutoLink high-speed data bus components.

The modular Stac64 wire-to-board 0.64mm pitch system provides manufacturers with greater design flexibility to support both low-level signal requirements as well as power applications upwards of 30A. The connectors are based on USCAR-2 Class performance characteristics for unsealed connector applications. The system”s flexible design allows header assemblies as stand-alone components or as multiple headers ganged to support a large range of signal and power needs.

The Mini50 unsealed wire-to-board connection system provides an approximately 50% reduction in package size compared to conventional USCAR 0.64mm connection systems. The connector reduces overall harness weight and provides cost savings by allowing wire harness customers to crimp and process smaller wire gauges than with traditional 0.64mm terminal systems. These low-current electrical circuits are ideal for interior, unsealed, transportation vehicle environments.

Molex”s DuraClik 2mm pitch wire-to-board connector system is well suited for high-vibration applications. It is tested to the automotive vibration standard. A positive locking mechanism provides secure mating and PCB retention. Currently available in a right-angle style, the system is designed for onboard instrumentation applications such as steering wheels that do not require any extra terminal retainers.

The HSAutoLink high-speed data bus system, alternatively referenced as USCAR USB, is the emerging high-speed data bus for vehicles. The data bus encompasses technologies used in other markets, such as universal serial bus (USB 2.0), low-voltage differential signalling (LVDS), IEEE 1394b (FireWire), FlexRay, eMOST and Ethernet. HSAutoLink connectors and cables enable use of USB and other technologies in the information and entertainment systems in vehicles.

Sealed connectors include CMC hybrid modular, SRC rectangular, MX150(tm) matte and cable sealed, XRC(tm) circular, and Mizu-P25(tm) miniature waterproof devices.

The CMC hybrid modular connector family offers a sealed, high-density, modular and cost-effective connection system for heavy-duty, power-train and body-electronics applications. The devices meet IP6K7 and IP6K9 specifications. Standard CMC hybrid connectors hold two different terminal sizes – CP 0.635 and CP 1.50mm. Power CMC hybrid connectors hold three different terminal sizes – CP 0.635, CP 1.50 and CP 2.80mm.

Next-generation 84-way sealed rectangular connectors (SRCs) use proven MX150 and MX150L(tm) terminals to offer a hybrid, high power-and-signal circuit-count system for harsh applications in transportation vehicles. As the demand for more intelligent vehicles is increasing, so are the wiring requirements and demands for hybrid technology. The SRC family benefits from single-handed blind-mate functionality along with a rugged, sealed, wire-to-panel (bulkhead) and wire-to-wire hybrid connection system designed for high circuit-count applications.

Molex”s pre-assembled MX150 sealed high-performance connector system is fully submersible. With its reduced package size it is ideal for SAE- and ISO-style wires in single- and dual-row configurations up to 22A, supporting both signal and power applications from on-engine automotive to off-road construction equipment. The system provides cost savings by eliminating the need to purchase, handle and crimp individual wire seals. The single silicone-based seal in the plug and receptacle has individual wire openings and a seal cap to offer protection, secure retention and strain relief.

The XRC (extra rugged circular) sealed plastic plugs and receptacles are IP67-rated and meet the demand for heavy-duty applications such as trucks, buses and agricultural markets. The connectors can be used for inline or panel-mount applications. Low-insertion-force stamped terminals provide a drop-in replacement with the competition”s terminals.

The Mizu-P25 wire-to-wire connector system is the first miniature sealed system in the market to achieve IP67 certification. Ideal for more complicated electronics such as motorcycles or air conditioner applications that require superior signal integrity along with dustproof and waterproof protection, the Mizu-P25 family includes two subfamilies: a low-voltage system, which is rated up to 125V, and a high-voltage system, rated up to 250V.


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