Ultra-High Isolation, Miniature DC/DC converters with Medical Approvals!

Offering industry standard footprints, these converters true upgrades from other less certified solutions.

With full features offered; tight regulation, short circuit protection, wide input range, remote on-off the REC3.5 and REC6 are the dc/dc converters of choice for all medical and high isolation applications.

For more information click: http://www.recom-international.com/news/news-detail/article/details/re3inforced-dcdc-converters-offer-up-to-10kvdc-isolation.html

For 3.5Watt REC3.5 Datasheet click: http://www.recom-international.com/pdf/Econoline/REC3_5-S_DRW_R.pdf

For 6Watt REC6.0 Datasheet click: http://www.recom-international.com/pdf/Econoline/REC6-S_DRW_R.pdf

For the full range of Recom dc/dc converter solutions click: www.recom-international.com

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