ViviLux Starter Kit enables rapid evaluation of high Lux-on-Target commercial applications

LED Engin, a developer of lumen density LED products, has launched a new Starter Kit for its ViviLux emitter-plus-lens LED lighting platform. Available from distributors Mouser Electronics (North America) and Farnell (Europe) users will be able to quickly assemble a working light source equivalent to a 100W halogen or 35W metal halide bulb using a single high power LED and secondary optic.

Each starter kit contains a high-efficiency, CRI90 ViviLux LED emitter mounted on a thermally conductive metal core printed circuit board with solderless connector, plus total internal reflection (TIR) lenses for beam widths of 24°, 35° or 45°. The kit includes a power supply, 40W heatsink, interconnection wiring and mounting hardware.

The ViviLux emitter-lens combination provides luminous efficiency for high CRI light sources and produces over twice the centre beam lux of a traditional LED array and reflector. The ViviLux kit is specified for realistic operating conditions with a luminous efficacy of 85 lumens/Watt at 350mA and 1700 lumens at 700mA, under steady-state conditions at 100 degrees C. Each emitter delivers not only high CRI overall but red content (R9) greater than 80.

ViviLux eliminates the need for colour bins with emitter-to-emitter variations less than 2.5 MacAdam Ellipses. This guarantees lighting consistency across multiple light sources, both initially and throughout their service life. The emitters are available in colour temperatures of 2700K or 3000K.

“The white light from ViviLux is bold, vivid, and energy-efficient, making it ideal for directional lighting for retail and commercial lightin,” said David Tahmassebi, President and CEO of LED Engin. “Most high CRI LED solutions are less efficient than their standard CRI80 counterparts. With ViviLux, LED Engin has found a way to achieve outstanding CRI performance yet still meet the stringent lumens/Watt performance demanded in actual use conditions. ViviLux Starter Kits are our way of simplifying and accelerating the evaluation process for our customers.”

Starter Kits are available immediately from Mouser Electronics in North America and Asia and from Farnell in Europe.


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