Wolfson power and audio technology selected by ZiiLABS for tablet reference design

The WM8326 is specifically designed for low power portable multimedia applications, including tablet PCs, smartphones, eBook readers, media players and any application with a multimedia processor. Featuring four programmable DC-DC synchronous buck converters, it delivers high performance and high efficiency across a wide range of operating conditions, whilst its integrated one-time programmable (OTP) memory helps reduce time-to-market.

The WM8993 combines Wolfson’s hub architecture and ultra-low power technology to manage all audio processing and routing in a multimedia application. By managing, converting and processing the full array of diverse audio streams, including voice, speaker, microphone, music and headphone signals, the WM8993 is able to provide the flexible audio mixing capability and high performance expected in today’s portable devices.

The ZMS-40 combines 96 of ZiiLABS” StemCell media processing cores with four 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A9 CPUs, delivering multi-tasking application and media processing performance. By doubling the number of StemCell Media processors compared to the previous ZMS-20, the ZMS-40 delivers twice the peak media performance, while running the larger array at lower clock speeds to achieve the same performance leads to greater energy efficiency and a reduction in power consumption of up to 50 percent.

Dr Jess Brown, Product Line Manager for Power Management at Wolfson Microelectronics, said: “We are delighted that ZiiLABS has once again selected Wolfson technology for its latest ZMS-40 media processor reference design and are excited by the whole range of Jaguar Tablet Android Reference Platforms.

“Wolfson has a strong reputation in providing industry-leading audio and power management solutions for consumer electronics applications. The WM8326 and WM8993 enable system designers to incorporate an impressive range of features into their products, whilst improving efficiency and performance.”

Tim Lewis, Director Partner Relations, ZiiLABS, said: “Wolfson continue to provide world-leading power management and audio solutions that, combined with its global supply chain and design-in support, make it an ideal partner for our JAGUAR reference tablets.”

Wolfson Microelectronics

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