XP Power targets harsh environment with 90% efficient baseplate cooled power supplies

XP Power’s new CCH400 and CCH600 series of compact single output baseplate cooled 400 W and 600 W AC-DC power supplies are suited to harsh environment applications. Offering a highly efficient design, up to 90%, the CCH series generates substantially less waste heat that current products on the market, which is critical for use in sealed box applications. All heat-generating components are attached to the baseplate allowing heat dissipation through the sealed box chassis or heatsink. No forced air cooling is required.

Measuring 214 x 102 x 43 mm (8.43 x 4.02 x 1.69 inches) the CCH series is up to 50% smaller than other baseplate cooled products of a similar power level, allowing more space in the end-application or use of a smaller enclosure. With its high efficiency rating a smaller heatsink can also be specified, reducing the overall footprint required.

Both the 400 W CCH400 and the 600 W CCH600 series accommodate the full universal input range of 90 – 264 VAC without derating, making them suitable for designs used worldwide. These single output units are available with the popular nominal output voltages of +12, +24, +28 or +48 VDC.

Compliance to MIL-STD-461 for emissions and MIL-STD-810 for shock / vibration ensure the CCH series is suitable for use in COTS military applications in addition to a broad range of industrial and commercial equipment used in outdoor and harsh environments. The units also comply with the internationally recognized safety standard EN/UL 60950-1 for IT equipment and meet EN55022 level B conducted and level A radiated emissions.

A fully featured signal set includes remote On/Off, remote sense, AC OK and overtemperature warning and shutdown. A +5 VDC standby output is also provided. A current sharing capability allows for parallel sharing of the load across up to three CCH units.

The CCH series has a wide operating temperature of -40 degrees C to +70 degrees C, with a maximum baseplate temperature of +85 degrees C.



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