YEG stocking new generation, dual, high quality audio OP-AMPs

UK distributor, YEG Components, is now stocking the NJM8080, the brand new improved version of the standard audio OP-AMP the NJM4580 from New Japan Radio. The NJM8080 features high resolution and crisp, clear high quality sound, which can fully perform with the latest digital sound sources to give a loss-less audio experience.

This new high quality sound technology has been developed for NJR”s audiofile OP-AMP range; the “MUSES” series. As a result, reliability and performance have been greatly improved. The NJM8080 can widely be used as the new generation ‘standard’ audio OP-AMP for both professional and home equipment.

Applications include: audio equipment; recording equipment; microphone Pre Amp; audio mixers; PA systems and car audio systems.

Features include: new high quality audio technology based on special `SiWafer`; a wide temperature range between -40° to 125° (operating)and high reliability – ESD Tolerant: MM200V,HBM2000V, CDM2000V, (EIAJ ED-4701)


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