ANSMANN Battery Intelligence

German energy specialist, ANSMANN, presented a patent pending innovation at the world’s largest electronic show “Electronica 2016” in Munich.

This clever invention is a battery management system with bi-directional Bluetooth 4.0 interface.

Li-Ion battery packs are becoming more and more intelligent through the ingenious battery management systems (BMS) in order to increase battery safety, life-time and run-time.  These batteries are now being used in conjunction with intelligent end devices and chargers which communicate different parameters and values such as current, voltage, capacity, temperature, charge cycles, etc.

Implementing the use of a Bluetooth module to the battery offers completely new and extensive opportunities to the end user but also to the manufacturer.  The Bluetooth battery becomes the central element of an application with access to data, parameters and values of the end application as well as the charging device.  Firmware updates could even be possible over the internet.  Service handling will become child’s play.

A mobile APP is also available which gives access to all relevant battery values and displays these parameters numerically or as a live graphic.  It could also be possible to enhance this app to gain access to the end device and/or charger to read out values or to perform software and firmware updates.  Access authorization to the battery or end device can also be made through the app. The program can be used stand-alone or can be integrated into existing applications.  Fully customized software would also be possible.


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