AVX delivers world’s first validated conflict-free tantalum capacitors

The first shipment of conflict-free tantalum capacitors is a result of both AVX and Motorola Solutions” commitment to the Solutions for Hope initiative.  The initiative demonstrates a process for delivering conflict-free tantalum material from the DRC under the guidelines of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and is in full-compliance with the independently-audited Conflict-Free Smelter Program.  The basis of the process is an AVX-controlled and –funded “closed pipe” in which tantalite ore, mined from government-approved concessions within the Katanga Province of the DRC, is traced along its secure closed supply chain to the end customer”s equipment in the form of tantalum capacitors.

“AVX is pleased to help lead the Solutions for Hope initiative by delivering the world”s first shipment of validated conflict-free tantalum capacitors,” said Bill Millman, Tantalum Divisional Director of Quality and Technology. “The production of the first validated non-conflict, advanced high reliability capacitors required the involvement of numerous organizations, all of which will continue to participate in the Solutions for Hope project.  AVX is committed to working with our partners so that non-conflict tantalum products become the industry standard by demonstrating that verifiably conflict-free tantalum material can be mined and shipped within the guidance of the OECD.  This provides real long-term benefits to the local peoples of the Katanga region of the DRC who have been suffering as a result of the de-facto ban resulting from the Dodd Franks legislation.”

The Solutions for Hope project enables companies to meet the requirements of the impending Dodd-Frank legislation, which states that U.S. companies must fully disclose the use of certain minerals, including tantalum, in their products as well as describe the purchasing process used to ensure these minerals do not fund the illegally-armed groups operating in the DRC.


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