Gasket selector guide to help engineers solve housing EMI shielding challenges

The materials included in the selector guide use either thermoset or RTV curing systems in combination with a wide range of conductive particle technologies to offer designers a choice of cost versus shielding performance options to best match their application needs. Chomerics’ corrosion resistant FIP materials provide protection against galvanic activity and can eliminate the need for nickel or tin plating and secondary environmental gaskets.

For outdoor, harsh environment applications, CHOFORM 5572 and 5557 that use Silver / Aluminium (Ag/Al) and Silver / Nickel (Ag/Ni) fillers respectively, provide an ideal high temperature, high corrosion resistance solution. CHOFORM 5506 and 5519 that utilise a Silver / Copper (Ag/Cu) filler are more suitable for less demanding indoor applications. CHOFORM 5519 has a very low Shore A hardness meaning it offers the most effective solution for equipment where low closure forces are needed.

All Chomerics CHOFORM materials offer shielding effectiveness in excess of 60 dB at frequencies ranging from 200 MHz to 12 GHz and electrical conductivity as low as 0.005 ohm-cm.  Operating temperature ranges up to 150 ºC for some variants mean that materials are available to suit even the most demanding applications.

The FIP selector guide lists all of the specifications for each material to enable designers to make the optimum choice for their product design. Furthermore, Parker Chomerics engineers can provide additional customer support at all stages of the design process to help selection of the most appropriate material, optimise the design of the component housings, dispense technique and supply chain management.


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