INTEGRATED introduces API across the board with version 9.1

The INTEGRATED API, which enables smart automation scripting, provides design engineers with an intuitive method of controlling the interface. This supplements the existing interactive, parametric and batch modes and provides users with direct access to the internal workings of each software program in the suite, enabling them to write new specific analysis applications to meet their own needs and ability.

Users will be able to seamlessly connect their own applications to INTEGRATED software programs without either application requiring prior knowledge of the inner workings of the other.

According to Bruce Klimpke, Technical Director, “Users will have the power and flexibility to combine INTEGRATED’s CAE software programs with the applications they use for specific design analysis areas. This customisation will allow each particular design to work at an even higher level of sophistication.”

The INTEGRATED API also provides a key building block for users to construct custom analysis tools. The functionality is easy to explain and the names are self-explanatory and consistent, in order to drive development. A programmer can write a script, or a full program, describing how to build and analyse a specific problem with selected user controls, and can then invoke the INTEGRATED program direct through the API to provide the analytical tools.

Using the dedicated user guide included within the program, samples can be written as Excel Macros with Visual Studio solutions/projects.

Other new features within the upgrade include: much greater parallelization – as well as parallelizing the 2D BEM solver, there is more efficient use of parallel processing for the FEM solver and, in general, for post-processing operations; faster mesh generation – the time taken to generate an element mesh is now substantially reduced for many simulations; weighting factors – these can be used to inform the solver what areas are of special interest so it will produce especially good local results (fine element mesh) and Auto solver- the auto solver setting will make the choice of FEM or BEM based on the general nature of the model.

Alongside this comprehensive software upgrade, INTEGRATED has developed its website to include a range of new demonstration videos offering tutorials on the major new features in version 9.1.

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