Keithley expands DMM line, adding programmable 5-1/2-digit digital multimeter

Keithley Instruments has launched a new digital multimeter (DMM) design. The Model 2110 5-1/2-digit Dual-Display Digital Multimeter has been optimised for a variety of general-purpose system and bench design applications. When compared with other leading 5-1/2-digit DMMs, the 2110 is able to provide enhanced throughput (up to 10x faster), accuracy (up to 2x better DC voltage accuracy) and greater integration flexibility. System features such as external triggering, a built-in reading buffer, and an optional GPIB interface all help to enhance ease of use.

The 2110’s capabilities include DC voltage (up to 1000V) and current (up to 10A), AC voltage (up to 750V) and current (up to 10A), two- and four-wire resistance (up to 100 mega-ohms), temperature, frequency (10Hz–300kHz) and period, and capacitance (1 nanofarad to 100 microfarad ranges) measurements. A variety of mathematical functions and diode and continuity test functions are also included. Programmable A-D converter and filter settings simplify optimizing the Model 2110’s signal-to-noise ratio to improve measurement accuracy. At the fast 4-1/2-digit setting, it takes up to 50,000 readings/second.

The instrument’s dual display can show the results from two measurements simultaneously, such as DC voltage and temperature, so users can monitor temperature fluctuations without interrupting other measurements. Its intuitive front panel makes it easy enough for students to use without sacrificing measurement performance or flexibility.

Temperature is the most commonly measured parameter, and the 2110 includes support for making temperature measurements with RTDs, NTC thermistors, and B, C, E, J, K, N, R, S and T-type thermocouples. A built-in cold junction compensator ensures higher thermocouple measurement accuracy without the need for additional plug-ins.

To simplify the process of converting raw measurement data into usable information, the 2110 includes the most often-used mathematical functions: percentage, average, min/max, null, limits, mX+B, dB, and dBm. The KI-Tool and KI-Link software tools included help users to control the instrument remotely, record measurements, and display time-series plots of the results, then import them into either Microsoft Word or Excel files for creating reports. LabVIEW and IVI drivers provide further programming flexibility.

With USB-only or USB/GPIB control options, the 2110 is simple to integrate into test systems with other instruments. The TMC-compliant USB remote interface and the optional GPIB interface allow easy re-use of existing SCPI programs.


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