Laird Technologies and Nextreme Thermal Solutions announce strategic partnership

As a value-added reseller of Nextreme products, Laird Technologies will be able to leverage its own design centres in support of new applications using Nextreme”s thin-film thermoelectric products. Both companies said that they would be working together to build strategic relationships with companies that will support long-term business opportunities and growth.

Laird Technologies designs and manufactures some of the world’s highest-rated, thermally conductive materials, including a broad range of thermoelectric modules and thermal assemblies for telecommunications, instrumentation and other applications.

Nextreme has developed a thin-film thermoelectric technology that looks to address the demand for more efficient thermal management solutions created by the functional convergence and miniaturization of products. The technology can also harvest thermal energy as a clean, efficient and renewable source of electricity.

The company’s embedded thermoelectric cooling technology (eTEC) enables micro-scale thermal management products for precision temperature control. By cooling as close to the heat source as possible and with the smallest devices on the market, Nextreme provides a new approach to solving thermal challenges in photonics, healthcare, and a variety of electronic applications.

Thin-film cooling products from Nextreme complement Laird Technology’s product portfolio and will allow Laird to expand into the sub-10 Watt cooling spectrum. Nextreme”s differentiation in the market place is created from its ability to create extremely small form factors with footprints smaller than 10 mm2.  Comparable bulk technology has miniature limitations of 25 mm2. In addition, due to the low profile of the Nextreme thermoelectric elements, the heat flux density increases by a factor of 5 to 10 times over bulk technology.  These are contributing factors that will help open new markets and applications for the companies.

The miniature, embedded thermoelectric generators (eTEG), created by Nextreme, convert waste heat directly into electricity for clean energy applications. Using advanced thin-film technology, Nextreme delivers the world’s smallest thermoelectric generator with the highest output power density. The eTEG is ideal for powering wireless sensors, trickle charging batteries and improving fuel efficiency in automobiles.

“Nextreme gives Laird Technologies the ability to address new cooling applications that were previously limited in terms of footprint, height, response time and heat flux density,” said Michael Sutsko, President of Laird Performance Materials. “In addition, Nextreme has the technology, experience and market knowledge that gives us quick access to the fast-emerging energy harvesting market.”

“Laird Technologies has mature, relevant strategic relationships with companies all over the world and is well-positioned in Nextreme”s target markets,” said John Goehrke, CEO of Nextreme. “Laird Technologies” extensive sales and support network will allow Nextreme to access a world-wide customer base for its products and services.”

Laird Technologies
Nextreme Thermal Solutions

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