LPRS supplying UHF narrow band telecommand modules

The new CDT-TX-02M-R and CDT-RX-02M-R modules offer long range control, low voltage operation with low current consumption for reliable battery operation and CDT-01-compatible communication format. Output switching is via very reliable Photo MOS relays and all circuitry is housed in robust metal casings.

These CE certified radio modules operate in the 434 MHz ISM band and offer the following standard features; 6 switch inputs and outputs, transmitter standby mode in, 4 receiver operation modes, 10 mW RF output power, MSK modulation, receiver sensitivity -120 dBm, 6 switching signal transmission R&TTE (EN 300 220) and RoHS compliance. Power requirements for the CDT-TX-02M-R are 2.2-12 V @ 27 mA with 1 µA at standby and for the CDT-RX-02M-R, 3.0-12V.

Typical applications for the new CDT-TX-02M-R and CDT-RX-02M-R telecommand modules include; remote control applications, paging systems, emergency lights, alarm systems and start/stop control for motor operated equipment including shutter blinds, garage doors, gates etc.

In addition to the wide range of narrow band long range wireless modules from CDT now available from LPRS, the latest generation of their own market leading easyRadio Advanced (eRA) wireless modules is proving highly successful. Also available is the IQRF range of wireless networking components, the IQVC range of visual control panels as well as with antenna, wireless key fobs and a wide range of sensor products.


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