Polar Instruments launches 8th Generation Controlled Impedance Test System CITS880

Polar Instruments has launched the 8th generation of its Controlled Impedance Test System CITS880. The new system is based on the popular TDR architecture of the CITS800, with proven levels of robustness and repeatability, and adds the latest generation of control architecture to enable the fastest throughput time of any CITS to date.

Used by PCB fabricators during production and by OEMs and CEMs for qoods-inward quality assessment, the CITS880 will enable users to automatically verify PCB characteristics impedance and to demonstrate quality conformance to NIST and NPL traceable air-line reference national standards.

The CITS880 system combines differential and single-ended measurement of impedance with four channels to provide fast and flexible probe connections. The powerful, Windows-based software makes impedance testing simple and straightforward. Data is logged automatically and the results can be output as customer conformance reports with the optional Datalog Report Generator; or exported for real-time SPC. In addition to achieving enhanced accuracy for close-coupled traces, CITS880 also features multi-point traceable calibration and optional crosstalk testing.

Used in conjunction with Polar”s other signal-integrity tools, CITS880 should be seen as part of a comprehensive range of systems for impedance modelling, stack-up documentation, coupon design and test program generation which increases PCB manufacturing yields and can enable a faster time to market. CITS880 can be used with Polar’s CGEN impedance and loss coupon generators, and with Polar’s Speedstack PCB stack-up design system which can be used to generate CITS test programs.

Commenting Martyn Gaudion, CEO, Polar Instruments said; “CITS880 builds on the success of Polar’s previous generations of CITS architectures, many of which are still in use after a decade or more of service. Polar’s range of signal-integrity systems has been developed by one of the industry’s most knowledgeable teams of impedance specialists to provide users with powerful tools for simplifying the design, fabrication and testing of high-speed PCBs.”



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