Renesas announces new high-speed optocouplers

Both comply with international safety standards such as UL, CSA and VDE (optional), making them suited for applications in harsh industrial environments such as factory automation (FA), measurement equipment and motor-control.

Optocouplers are electronic components capable of electrically insulating an input signal from an output signal. In the same package, they contain an electrically insulated light-emitting diode (LED) that converts an electrical signal into light, and an electrically insulated photo-detect device that converts the light back into an electrical signal.

The PS9324 series and PS9123 series are optically-coupled high-speed isolators containing a a gallium-aluminum-arsenide (GaAlAs) LED on the input side and a photodiode and a signal processing circuit on the output side on one chip.

The detector IC of the active low type PS9324 series features an open collector output and low operation voltages from 2.7V to 5.5V, allowing flexible circuit design. A communication speed of 10Mbps can be achieved due to the specified maximum propagation delay times of 75 nanoseconds (ns) at 25°C and typical values of 40 ns. The PS9123 series comes with a totem pole output, offering shorter propagation delay times as low as 65ns (max) at 25°C. The maximum pulse width distortion |tPHL – tPLH| is less than 35 ns for the PS9324 series and less than 50 ns for the PS9123 series.

For operation in noisy industrial environments these new optocouplers have an internal shield providing a common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) of minimum 15kV/µs and typical values of 20kV/µs. The PS9324 comes in a in a small 6-pin shrink dual inline package (SDIP). The small package reduces the mounting space by 50 percent compared to a classical 8-pin DIP package while guaranteeing the highest isolation voltage of 5kVrms and achieving a minimum creepage distance of 8mm (PS9324L2).

The PS9123 is delivered in a 5-pin small outline package (SOP), with a minimum pin-to-pin distance of 1.27mm, allowing space saving designs.

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