SoC enables measurement and diagnostics for high-power monitoring

“In end markets that require 3-phase energy monitoring, there is great demand for accurate energy measurement,” said Jay Cormier, Maxim Integrated Products Director, Energy Measurement & Communications. “Having the ability to monitor energy usage in applications that require 3-phase power can have a substantial impact on the energy consumption and efficiency in data centers, factories, and buildings. To reduce downtime, the 78M6631 has been designed to provide measurement, diagnostics, and optimisation of point-of-load problems before a potential equipment failure.”

The self-contained energy measurement system features an embedded metrology engine and includes a full range of embedded energy diagnostics, including power factor, harmonic distortion, voltage sag, and dip. The 78M6631 can also provides better than 0.5% system accuracy across a wide 2000:1 dynamic range. This enables the use of the lowest value shunt for the current sensor, thus reducing heat and parasitic power loss. The device’s integrated flash provides application flexibility, on-chip calibration, and field upgrade capability. Furthermore, the 78M6631 is available with preloaded firmware that supports both Delta and Wye 3-phase applications, which reduces both development costs and time to market.

“Leveraging more than 20 years of building metrology solutions, we can now address the specific measurement needs of 3-phase point-of-load applications,” added Cormier. “The simplified design and flexible capabilities of the 78M6631 will provide manufacturers with application-specific adaptability and an unprecedented time to market.”

Maxim Integrated Products

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