Toshiba Electronics and Panasonic Industrial Devices cooperate on integrated Bluetooth module

Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) and Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Europe (PIDSEU) have announced that they are cooperating on a highly integrated module that will enable users to add Bluetooth connectivity to devices easily and efficiently. Target applications will include industrial, automation, medical, personal sport and fitness equipment.

The module combines Toshiba’s single chip TC35661 Bluetooth semiconductor device and software stack with Panasonic’s design and manufacturing expertise in module production. The TC35661 is a highly integrated and compact Bluetooth controller that can deliver high-speed operation at ultra-low power. It has significantly reduced external component count and power consumption in applications requiring Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) functionality. This provides the low-power and rapid connection and disconnection functions, needed by a wide range of applications using smaller form factor devices. It will round off Panasonic’s module portfolio by offering an easy to integrate module with various embedded, Bluetooth qualified profiles.

Armin Derpmanns, General Manager Business Development, Toshiba Electronics Europe, commented: “This cooperation will give customers access to a highly effective Bluetooth solution that significantly reduces the design and integration effort required for incorporating the latest Bluetooth technology into their products. It also provides the high performance and low energy consumption that will be essential for many next-generation portable devices.”

Designed and manufactured in Europe, the module will be marketed worldwide with an initial focus on Europe and USA. The first product is planned for release in Q4 2012.

Toshiba is a founding member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), has been heavily involved in Bluetooth standardisation for over ten years, and has an established track record in the development of Bluetooth solutions.


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