X-REL Semiconductor launches a high-temperature, 40V/80V diode family

Following the announcement of its XTRM products family (-60°C to +230°C) of high-temperature and extreme reliability electronics components, X-REL is making available a new set of products belonging to its diode family. The XTR1N0415 / XTR1N0450 are diodes with a reverse voltage above 55V while the XTR1N0815 / XTR1N0850 are diodes with a reverse voltage above 90V.

Each part is composed of four electrically independent, well-matched diodes in a single piece of silicon, which can be used individually. Targeted applications are general rectification, voltage blocking and clamping, power supplies, reliability-critical, automotive, aeronautics & aerospace, and down-hole.

All these products offer several possible packaging configurations and samples are available to customers.

“Having four diodes in a single package brings a lot of flexibility to our customers, and also helps to minimise the bill-of-materials. As with all of our XTRM hi-rel and hi-temp products, these diodes are qualified to operate beyond the range -60°C to +230°C,” said Gonzalo Picún, Chief Technical Officer at X-REL.

X-REL is also starting to offer high-temperature SiC Diodes to qualified customers. Readers should contact X-REL should they wish to be one of the first to profit from this breakthrough technology.


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