Acal BFi samples quad-band mobile GSM/GPRS/GPS mobile platform

The new MT 4000 device features low current consumption of less than 1.5mA in sleep mode; a 12V and 24V supply for fleet monitoring of cars, vans and trucks; as well as an optional Garmin Fleet Management Interface (FMI) for routing and optimisation. The module also has a 1-wire, Driver ID input for driver identification and analogue inputs which can be used for applications such as temperature monitoring.

“The number of global insurance telematics users is expected to rise by 90%, bringing the total number of users to 89 million by 2017. These users will demand platforms that deliver enhanced vehicle intelligence, ease-of-use and low up-front costs. The MT 4000 device meets these needs, in addition to offering wireless interface options which equip products with a global reach,” explains Philippe Gruson, President Electronics Division, at Acal BFi.

Designed for permanent in-vehicle installation, the MT 4000 integrates an innovative internal antenna design in addition to a flexible on-board Smart Agent event engine which supports configurable reporting of driver behaviour, polygon geo-fencing, messaging and other vehicle intelligence functions. The optional Garmin Fleet Management Interface (FMI) provides fleet managers with the ability to reduce cost and increase safety and productivity with enhanced routing and optimisation.

Applications for the MT 4000 include fleets of passenger cars, vans, and trucks, as well as usage-based insurance schemes such as Pay-As-You-Drive and Pay-How-You-Drive, where the platform can be used to report distance travelled, duration and time of day, as well as driver behaviour and speed violations.

Specialist technical support from Acal BFi will help customers to implement the MT 4000 module quickly and with minimum engineering effort, including integration with Novatel Wireless’s N4A Communications and Management Software platform, which will allow for easy monitoring, management and remote reconfiguration of devices from almost anywhere in the world. In addition, Acal BFi will offer an assembly service, and ex-stock availability of cables and accessories for Novatel Wireless’ MT 4000 module.

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