Advantech reveals New-generation RISC Computer-on-Module with ARM-based Cortex-A8 Series processor

Advantech has developed a new, RISC-based, Computer-on-Module (COM) integrating ARM Cortex-A8 1GHz Freescale i.MX53 series high performance, and ultra-low power SoC and intensive I/O solution chips. The ROM-1210 uses onboard 512MB DDR3, 2GB Flash supporting OpenGL ES 2.0, OpenVG 1.1 hardware 2D/3D accelerators; ROM-1210 also supports a full HD 1080p video decoding and HD 720p video encoding hardware engine.  Advantech ROM-1210 is designed for low power consumption around 0.8 Watt (with standard, full-run at 1.8 Watts). These heatsink-free designs and full HD functions are ideal for various low-power applications in HMI/Signage, industrial automation, cloud computing and portable applications. Now ROM-1210 is an Android 2.3-, and Embedded Linux2.6-, Windows Embedded Compact 7 solution-ready platform.

RTX COM Form Factor for Next-Generation Compact Embedded Computer Applications

ROM-1210 is designed to support RTX (RISC Technology eXtended) COM architecture, which has been defined by Advantech product experience in recent years. RTX integrates CPU, RAM, Flash, RTC, and Watchdog timer computing kernel within its 68mm x 68mm. SATA, PCI Express, Ethernet, USB, UART, LCD, HDMI, Audio, SD, I2C, etc. are included too–these rich interfaces all are integrated into the RTX form factor. Users need only design the power circuit, and necessary I/O connectors on their carrier boards to complete their own RISC platforms, saving product development schedule, human resources, and costs. In short, the RTX form factor provides the following features:

1.       The combination of four B2B connectors plus four locking screws to ensure board stability as well as superior tolerance to environmental stresses.

2.       1.6mm PCB thickness provides good product strength and improved product reliability.

3.       Better signal quality by buffer/level shift set.

I/O Intensive Computer-on-Module

ROM-1210 is the industrial ARM-based COM with powerful performance, rich functions, and great product reliability. ROM-1210 is suitable for varied marketing applications in the HMI/ Signage, factory control, portable device, and industrial cloud computing markets. To satisfy those market demands, Advantech ROM-1210 has been designed to support the rich feature sets below:  

–        Supports complete range of I/O standards: LCD out , audio, USB 2.0, LAN, touchscreen, UART, MMC/SDIO, GPIO, SATA, CANbus, system bus, SPI, I2C, I2S, etc.

–        LCD display up to 1920 x 1080 thru LVDS/TTL interface, and also T/S, brightness/backlight control function, SATA interface ready to support HMI/signage application.

–        User can expand the functions/connections thru system bus, SPI, I2C, I2S, UART, GPIO, CANbus  to suit different market applications.

Ultra Compact Size, Ultra Low-power, No-heatsink Design

Advantech RISC COMs help designers facilitate RISC system-level designs easily, with very low power consumption. For example, a RISC-based, 7” panel PC typically consumes less than 7W of total system power. And reduced size allows easy integration and implementation into customer designs. 

Wide Working Temperature Range, by Design

Advantech RISC COMs offer wide-range temperature support from 0~ 60° C (-40 ~ 85° C available by project). Quality and reliability are designed in from component specs on up, not merely implemented via a culling process. Advantech offers industrial-grade RISC computing solutions by providing a guaranteed long product life-cycle–up to 7 years–to reduce maintenance costs and save on too-frequent upgrades.

Embedded Software Services – Seamless Hardware & Software Integration

In addition to supporting Embedded Linux2.6, Android 2.3 and WEC7, the ROM-1210 series supports Advantech’s SUSIAccess, a set of software APIs that reduce project development effort, enhance hardware platform reliability, and shorten time to market. SUSIAccess also provides an easy upgrade path as functions are continuously added and improved.

Off-the-Shelf Evaluation Kit

The off-the-shelf evaluation kit provides a complete design environment with full technical documentation. In addition to the OS-ready platform, Advantech provides an application-oriented support package, complete with testing and evaluation capabilities, that minimizes development effort.

The evaluation kit includes: the OS-ready, RISC-based COM/SBC; the LCD kit (with LCD, touchscreen, etc.); test cables; power adaptor and accessory package; and a CD-ROM (with system upgrade/maintenance utilities, SDK, system test utility, user manual, and COM design guide).

We Are Experienced RISC-design Experts

Advantech”s RISC computing roadmap continues to follow cutting-edge ARM-based architecture, from Cortex-A8 and Cortex-A9 to the latest Cortex-A15, all with complete product portfolios.

Way back at the beginning of the 21st century, Advantech had already started implementing RISC architecture in its Intel, Cirrus, TI and Freescale solutions. From ARM9, ARM11, Cortex-A8, on up through Cortex-A9, and Cortex-A15, Advantech has continuously developed RISC-based industrial computing platforms.

Advantech also offers a complete selection of customized services to meet user needs. Starting with system specifications and product development, Advantech provides a high standard of services to a wide range of industries, including all phases of product planning, design, and production, as well as quality control and management systems.

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