Arrow Electronics and Enterpoint announce free PCI Express training event

The lecture will cover general aspects of implementing PCIe designs and will also examine the benefits, common problems and practical solutions to getting a custom PCIe design working in a Cyclone-IV FPGA. This session will also cover how to verify and debug PCIe designs and useful tools to assist these processes.

The lab part of the training day will put the knowledge gained in the lecture session into building a real design and programming it into an Enterpoint Cyclone-IV-based Raggedstone3 development board. Attendees will also get to control the resultant design with a Linux-based host PC though a simple driver and GUI.

Participants will be able to take away the build materials, drivers and documentation used in their example design. They will also have the opportunity to purchase Raggedstone3 boards at a discount, allowing them to continue their learning and own custom design development.

For further information and to register for the event, please visit or email


Arrow Electronics

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