Circuit Simplification with ATC Semitec CRDs

Where p.c.b. land area is limited, a single robust Semitec CRD can replace multiple components in space-critical applications. This simplifies product assembly and minimises component count and cost.

ATC Semitec CRDs are constant current diodes and offer protection, stability and control when driving LED, optocoupler & battery-charging circuits.

With a choice of either axial leads or surface mount package styles, our CRDs will help to simplify your circuit design.

The S-series surface-mount range offers constant current values from 0.1mA to 18mA, the latest addition being a 22mA rated S-223T.

Semitec CRDs operate over a wide voltage range and can also be used as an excellent voltage reference in conjunction with a zener diode.

These CRDs from Semitec form part of the extensive range of circuit protection and temperature sensors from the world’s leading innovative suppliers via ATC Semitec.

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