CSR audio codec technology licensed by HTC for use in One Series of smart phones

All three devices in the HTC One series feature aptX technology designed to ensure CD-quality Bluetooth stereo audio, resulting in a more authentic sound experience.

“HTC’s decision to include aptX technology in the HTC One series demonstrates a very real commitment to audio quality. These devices will pack a real punch in terms of audio quality and will provide one of the best mobile audio experiences on the market,” said Anthony Murray, SVP Home Business Group of CSR.

“The ecosystem of aptX devices is continuing to grow rapidly. Both manufactures and consumers are beginning to realise that aptX can deliver a truly wireless experience without compromising on audio quality. The phenomenal popularity of headphones goes to show that consumers are becoming ever-more demanding when it comes to audio quality, and we believe that aptX is the only technology that can really deliver hi-fi audio over Bluetooth.”

Users can now enjoy CD-quality Bluetooth Stereo audio in-car, as HTC has also announced the wireless HTC Car StereoClip, based on the CSR8670TM next-generation audio system-on-a-chip (SoC) solution and aptX technology. Plugged into any car’s standard 3.5mm auxiliary input, the HTC Car StereoClip lets users wirelessly stream CD-quality music through car stereo speakers over a Bluetooth connection.


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