EN 50155 panel PCs coming soon from FORTEC United Kingdom

FORTEC United Kingdom (formerly Display Technology) is thrilled to share some exciting news for the railway transportation industry. Litemax, a distinguished manufacturer and trusted partner, is set to revolutionise the passenger experience aboard trains and trams with their upcoming range of EN 50155 certified Panel PCs, according to FORTEC.

Currently, Litemax offers two sizes of panel PCs designed specifically for transportation: the ITRP-2845-APL2 and the ITRP-3805-SKL2. These reliable and robust Panel PCs have already made a significant impact in the field.

Litemax is also expanding its product line to cater to even more diverse railway applications. Soon, they will introduce a 28″ variant of the ITRP-2845-APL2 and an enhanced version of the ITRP-3805-SKL2. These new solutions are said to represent the cutting edge in real-time information delivery, ensuring passengers have access to timely and responsive information for a seamless journey.

Also further sizes are going to be introduced to cater for further railway applications, including 10.4”, 12.3”, 15.6”, and 21.5” variants.

For those seeking monitor-only options, There is  the opportunity to acquire 21.5″ and 37.6″ models, suited for customers whose applications are already tailored to embedded systems. These versions offer a range of features:

The 21.5″ model boasts 1000 nits brightness, a 1920×1080 resolution, LID, 21C, P4 10mm glass, AD8891, 1 HDMI, M12 for 1PWR, EN50155 compliance, and DC 17~31V input.

On the other hand, the 37.6″ model offers 1000 nits brightness, a 1920×540 resolution, LID on LCM, 3mm glass, AD8891, 1 HDMI, M12 for 1PWR, EN50155 compliance, and DC 17~31V input . These features ensure the flexibility and compatibility you need to meet your specific requirements.

In addition to Panel PCs, FORTEC United Kingdom’s expertise is said to truly shine in the realm of TFT display assemblies, which can be customised to meet your specific needs, including features such as thicker glass, UV filters, touchscreens, and solutions for vandal-resistant displays.

FORTEC United Kingdom are a team of technology specialists who work closely with customers to solve complex technical challenges using displays, embedded computing , monitors, components and power solutions. The company guides its customers to make the right choices for their projects.


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