In a tight fit? Fit a JT !

In a Tight Fit? Fit The JT

ATC Semitec’s JT thermistor at only 0.5mm at its sensing tip makes it amongst the thinnest available world-wide, and therefore intrinsically suitable for many medical applications including surface skin sensing, wearable medical devices and battery packs.

Laminated between two polymer layers to ensure a flexible yet resilient sensor. They have an extremely fast thermal response time within air temperature sensors, with temperature ranges between -50°C and 125°C.

In addition, these thermistors have excellent electrical insulation and can be safely used in environments where they might come into contact with electrodes.

For ease of manufacture these are available in lengths from 25mm to 100mm, and have R25 values of 10kO and 100kO, with 1% tolerances as standard.

Quite simply, the JT’s can be used where other thermistors are just too big, too inflexible or simply too slow.

The JT range from Semitec form part of the extensive range of thermal components from leading innovative suppliers available from ATC Semitec.
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