Morgan extends capacitor portfolio with powerline coupling range

Morgan Technical Ceramics, Ruabon, has announced the launch of a new range of powerline coupling communication capacitors, which can provide transmission solutions for high frequency communication signals – such as those used to transfer automatic meter reading (AMR) information and broadband internet data.

Introduced primarily to meet demand in the utilities sector, the new AC high voltage capacitor range has been designed to operate continuously on 24kV medium voltage transmission lines, which can be adapted to carry high frequency communication signals. Installation of the powerline coupling communication capacitors on the transmission lines will effectively couple/decouple data signals to and from the high voltage line, protecting the data processing equipment from exposure to high system voltage (50/60Hz).

The AC high voltage capacitor range is manufactured from a high permittivity, strontium titanate-based, dielectric ceramic, which provides a negligible change of capacitance with voltage within a small footprint. The products also have a high self-resonant frequency allowing them to be used at higher frequency bands. In addition they have an improved signal/noise ratio when compared with inductive coupled devices.

For utility companies, particularly those involved in the national roll out of the SMARTGRID system, installing powerline coupling capacitors enables the existing network to transfer AMR data for electricity consumption, rather than installing new additional communication techniques. Powerline, high voltage capacitors will become increasingly important as the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s target of installing energy smart meters in every home by 2020 draws nearer.

According to Paul Turnbull, business manager for Morgan Technical Ceramics, Ruabon: “The timing of the launch is crucial as the roll out of smart meters in the UK is gathering momentum, and we hope that our innovative powerline coupling communication capacitors are able to accelerate the growth of the SMARTGRID network even further.”

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