New application-specific movement detectors from Finder

Based on newly developed electronics and optics Finder has added 3 new application-specific movement detectors to its 18 Series range which are specifically designed for sensing within larger rectangular areas such as hotel lobbies and long corridors. The 18.41 surveys an area up to 15 metres either side of the device, giving an extensive total detecting zone of 30 metres long by 4 metres wide, from just a single unit.

Central to the 18.51 is an advanced lens and electronics system that achieves two detecting zones with different sensitivities. The central 4 x 4 metre zone responds to very small movements, able for example to pick-up on the presence of a person quietly working at his workplace. But additionally, within an extended 8 x 8 metre zone, it will also respond to normal movements. This product is particularly targeted at offices, schools, and the workplace in general.

“Twin-Mirror” technology gives the 18.61 a wide viewing angle of 180°. Designed for fitting into new or existing wall boxes, the 18.61 can be installed in corridors along with the 18.41 but is equally suited to small spaces such as bathrooms or passage areas. Essentially it can be installed as a direct replacement for a wall mounted light switch or push-button.

All three models share the common characteristics of a wide 110 … 230 V AC power supply range, a 10A rated NO output contact, adjustable ambient light intervention threshold and a Light-Off delay adjustable from 12 to 35 minutes.

Depending on the type, these new products can be installed on the ceiling, in suspended ceilings or in recessed or flush mounting boxes.

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