Showcasing RF manufacturing

This month we are showcasing custom electronic system design and manufacturing.

Our facility near Bristol offers the rare combination of a world class RF engineering team, with LEAN Manufacturing, Six Sigma and process optimisation, and all the certifications and accreditations required for Government contracts and high quality commercial assembly work: ISO14001, Investor in People, ISO9001, etc.

Years of building broadband power amplifiers means we have a great manufacturing track record and a team of experts with impeccable credentials in RF manufacturing and electronic assembly. The team is ready to assist you, not just for amplifiers, but with synthesisers, transmitters and any other custom electronic device.

Custom manufacturing

We offer custom manufacturing, working to your specification, with prototyping, testing and commissioning, extensive RF testing and tuning, system test, box build, assembly and testing, all for small, medium or large production batches.

We offer an unrivalled service for RF product design and manufacturing – design services using CAD and simulation software, development, prototyping and support services, manufacturing and system assembly services, electronic test and evaluation, full RF analysis and support, environmental screening and stress testing.

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10 things to consider when outsourcing  RF and electronics manufacturing

Quality and quick delivery

With a complete range of manufacturing and test services under one roof, we are uniquely equipped to build high quality electronic products and deliver them on time.

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If you would like to visit our premises, to view our manufacturing and assembly facilities, please call us on 08700 869941, or contact us by email at

Amplifiers: faster testing, faster delivery

Our new test system shortens the delivery times for our amplifiers. No amplifier is ever delivered to a customer until it has passed a full acceptance test, and for every amplifier we build, we need accurate measurements of output power, harmonics, linearity and compression point.  

The automated test system increases our testing capacity so that we can speed up this stage of manufacturing, and at the same time, ensure that every amplifier meets our customers’ specifications perfectly.

We perform tests at various conditions and temperature ranges and obtain performance specifications for all of our products. All test data feeds back into our Six Sigma quality system.

Of course, our customers do their own extensive testing as well. Here’s what one client said about our amplifiers:

“..from 400MHz, theirs is the best out there – the harmonics are decent too”

For more details of our broadband power amplifiers, please click here.

Test equipment

We can build test systems to customer specifications, including the racking and the internal instruments, programming and reporting.

The new test system, which we designed and built from scratch, contains an array of instruments in a 19” rack, all software driven, running test programmes written in C#.  All manufacturing, assembly and programming was completed in house by our engineering team and the instruments are fully calibrated and quality assured.

If you would like to discuss a test requirement, please email us to find out more about our design and test facilities.

Amplifier Technology
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