Camvine releases desktop media player for cloud-based-signage

By installing CODA Player for Windows on an ordinary desktop PC, customers can now preview content easily, demonstrate to others and arrange for content to play as the PC’s screensaver. New users can experience CODA instantly on the desktop, with no need to setup additional equipment.

“The CODA Player for Windows further increases the accessibility of cloud-based digital signage,” said Steve Hales, Head of Sales & Marketing at Camvine. “As a convenient, powerful media player that is free to download onto any Windows 7, Vista or XP PC, it enhances freedom for users to create and manage rich information channels, taking advantage of cutting-edge Internet media formats and protocols.”

The CODA cloud-based digital signage platform harnesses the power of Web 2.0 applications to display customised content on screens located anywhere on the Internet. With easy drag-and-drop interfaces for managing content and creating unique playback schedules for each screen, and with no need to install any software, CODA is capable of empowering a wide variety of users such as businesses, retail stores, media networks or schools to setup and run sophisticated information channels. Capabilities include scheduling videos, images, presentations, charts or tickers, and combining the content with customised information from the Internet.

The CODA Player for Windows supports the complete range of CODA digital-signage player features. Connected to an online CODA account, it can display content in formats such as PDF, PowerPoint or Flash, support layouts and playlists, playback audio and HD video, and present live content such as web pages, RSS feeds and tickers, weather, photocasts and feeds from social media such as Twitter, Facebook or Flickr. There is also support for advanced options such as managing user restrictions and subscriptions, content and display tagging, smart playlists and advanced editing capabilities.


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