Intersil’s 40V quad precision amplifiers provide low noise and power consumption

Designed on Intersil”s PR40 advanced bipolar process, the ISL28407, ISL28417, and ISL28408 all meet the low noise requirements for high gain front ends in industrial control designs while reducing total power consumption for high signal count applications.

The ISL28407 operates from 4.5V to 40V with an ultra-low bias current drift of 0.3pA/°C over temperature (-40°C to +85°C), which is 30 percent lower than competitive quad precision amps. The ISL28407″s low offset of 90uV maximum and offset drift of 0.8uV/°C maximum provide high DC accuracy over temperature. It features an industry-leading combination of low power (290uA maximum per channel), 1MHz bandwidth, low input bias current drift (0.3pA/°C) and low noise.

The ISL28417 is designed for sensor front ends, DAC buffering, precision voltage regulation or low noise instrumentation applications that need a diverse range of signals. It delivers very high performance while consuming only 530uA maximum per channel. Offset voltage is just 70uV maximum, with offset drift of only 0.75uV/°C maximum.

Also available is the ISL28408, which features half the power consumption of the ISL28417 with single supply operation and rail-to-rail output. Its wide input voltage range supports input signals down to 0.5V below the negative supply rail. The wide dynamic range rail-to-rail output, low offset of 230uV maximum, low noise and low power (250uA maximum per channel) with a wide voltage range single supply (3V to 40V) or dual supply (+/-1.5V to +/-20V), makes the ISL28408 ideal for industrial and instrumentation applications.


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